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“I am a HUGE fan of the Peter Millard salon lighting. It showcases perfectly L’Oreal Professionnel’s true to tone color. I will never have to bring a client out into the sunshine to show them their color again!“

– Jessica Todd, Owner, Jessica Todd Salon.




"We installed Peter Millard's lighting during our renovation with some apprehension because of the initial cost, but became true believers when we saw how this lighting had made the salon brighter, livelier and true to its purpose.

 As for the stylists, they see truer color from their clients. At the shampoo bar there are no more shadows and we can see the actual color as we are rinsing in the sink. No more, "Let's take the mirror outside," when we want our clients to see the results of their hair color service. When clients comment on how good they look when sitting at the station, it's a testament to how fabulous the lighting
really is.

New England winters are long and most often grey, but when I enter the salon in the morning on a typical day, it’s like the sun is shining. Thank you Peter for introducing us to this fantastic lighting. It’s an indispensable tool for our work as colorists."

- Alfredo Lamparelli, Owner, Salon Bogar.







“Once you experience Peter Millard’s color accurate lighting you will think twice before asking an electrician or a contactor to specify your lights.  Peter knows about color and they don’t.  It’s just that simple.”


-Sam Villa, Three-time Winner of Stylist Choice Awards’ Platform Artist and Educator of the Year.


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