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  • The biggest challenge colorists face, when trying to achieve great color results, is bad lighting.
  • With this technology, you will get amazingly clear, clean light. It will show you precisely the complex colors of the hair you are working on and the color you are applying.
  • You will see accurate color rendition, making it possible to consistently deliver better results for your clients.
  • If you are a salon professional, these lights are an essential and affordable tool, which enables you to work properly.
  • Best of all, they are completely affordable and come with a 3-year warranty, with hassle-free customer service just a phone call away.





“Once you experience Peter Millard’s color accurate lighting you will think twice before asking an electrician or a contactor to specify your lights.  Peter knows about color and they don’t.  It’s just that simple.”


-Sam Villa, Three-time Winner of Stylist Choice Awards’ Platform Artist and Educator of the Year.


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image021What exactly do you get with Peter Millard Salon Lighting?


Color-accurate lighting, endorsed by some of Redken and Pureology’s top colorists and stylists!

You will get amazingly clear, clean light, which will show you the complex colors of the hair you are working on—as well as the color you are applying— with greater detail than ever before. You will get clarity with bright beautiful light that is free of glare. Your eyes will be less tired than ever before and you will reduce the tension and fatigue associated with eye strain caused by poor lighting.

Right now, most colorists and stylists are working under a type of light that was never intended for use in color-sensitive environments such as salons. Fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen technologies all lack the color accuracy salon professionals need to consistently deliver professional-grade results.


With Peter Millard Salon Lighting, you will be working under LED lighting that feels cool and comfortable for you and your clients. LED lighting uses diodes, and the exact measurement of the color temperature of the diodes creates the tone of the light itself. 

Reduce color re-do's and dissatisfied clients.


Not only will you SEE better color, you will be able to consistently deliver better results. Your clients be able to see the results you are delivering clearly and in true light. As Adam Browne, a Redken main stage performing artist from London put it, “Literally, see your color the way it was intended to be seen. Luminous, lustrous, real.“

Why is it Color Accurate?

Eight colorists from L’Oreal, working in the Redken Exchange on clients’ hair, have analyzed the color to arrive at a consensus of what they consider “clear, true light”. This lighting is not the result of one colorist’s opinion. It is the result of eight of the top professionals working in the industry today. And none of them have received payment to participate or to endorse the lighting. Not one.


The Result of the Testing?

Read the comments of the Colorists and Designers themselves and of Salon Owners. The most remarkable endorsement of all – at the end of the tests - The Redken Exchange actually bought the lighting and installed it over all of the work stations and shampoo bowls in the Redken Exchange on Fifth Avenue in New York.—a true testament to the importance and value of Color Accurate Lighting. 


Green Eco-friendly lighting to help Save the Planet.

Because LED lighting uses approximately 20% of the power of incandescent lighting, you will be reducing electrical use by nearly 80% at the workstations. You will also lower the heating level by up to 80%, which reduces the use of air-conditioning. Cutting your electric bills significantly. In fact, the savings in electricity will pay for the bulbs in 2 years.

Warranted for Three Years

Peter Millard Salon Lighting bulbs are guaranteed to last a minimum of three years, or we replace the bulb at no charge! Just return it with proof of date of purchase. Even better than that, the average life of the bulb is normally five to seven years. Just imagine not changing bulbs for 5 years!