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Why Choose

Peter Millard Salon LightingTM?


  • The biggest challenge colorists face, when trying to achieve great color results, is bad lighting.


  • With this technology, you will get amazingly clear, clean light. It will show you precisely the complex colors of the hair you are working on and the color you are applying.


  • You will see accurate color rendition, making it possible to consistently deliver better results for your clients.


  • If you are a salon professional, these lights are an essential and affordable tool, which enables you to work properly.


  • Best of all, they are completely affordable and come with a 3-year warranty, with hassle-free customer service just a phone call away.


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“Once you experience Peter Millard’s color accurate lighting you will think twice before asking an electrician or a contactor to specify your lights.  Peter knows about color and they don’t.  It’s just that simple.”


-Sam Villa, Three-time Winner of Stylist Choice Awards’ Platform Artist and Educator of the Year.


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